Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Yes. We require children to be eight years or older to participate. Sometimes, ages five through seven can come ride, but everyone who goes on a trail ride must be able to pass evaluations, so especially children in this age bracket must be able to prove competency before they depart. Physical stature and attitude have a lot to do with their ability to go: petite and timid children usually have trouble. Our horses are very well-behaved, but we go through some very difficult terrain and every rider must be able to control their horses as this is not your typical nose-to-tail walking trail ride.

What if my child can't go on the ride with me?

If your child (or anyone, not just a child!) can't go on the trail ride, we can allow them to stay behind in the arena with an instructor while the group goes out on the trail ride. They can participate in a pony ride or petting zoo experience while they wait for the group to return.

** Can my child ride in the saddle with me? **

No. Horseback riding is already quite difficult without a child in front of you! Even if you have been riding for several years and consider yourself advanced, riding a horse that you are not thoroughly familiar with over terrain you've never been on before is simply too risky to undertake with your child sitting in the saddle in front of or behind you. We have child-friendly activities at the barn that your child may participate in while you go on a trail ride.

Is there a weight requirement?

Yes. Usually, we limit riders to approximately 300lbs. We do have other options available for heavier riders.

But I have no experience with horses! Do I need to take lessons before I go?

Absolutely not! We have horses to suit all riders and we will make sure that everyone is comfortable with the horse they're on and the equipment they're using before we head out. That being said, we do offer one-on-one horseback riding lessons if you would prefer to learn in a more private setting before hitting the trail!

What if it rains?

If the weather is inclement, you will be called (if possible) two hours before the time of your reservation to cancel or reschedule your ride time. If you have any doubts, you should call us before you leave to come to the farm. When it rains, the trails can get quite muddy, which presents a slip hazard: horseback riding is already quite tricky and we go up and down several large hills.. we don't want any people or ponies to slip and fall!

What should we wear?

Regardless of temperature, you should wear long pants and closed-toed shoes. Fashion boots with a heel are a no-no! Converse or "Chucks" are not ideal, either, but we can make anything work. Typically, you want a shoe with a solid 1" heel but tennis shoes work pretty well.

What should we bring? What shouldn't we bring?

Think roller coaster rules: any and all loose articles should be left behind! Our farm is a graveyard for phones, cameras, keys, wallets, sunglasses, and hats. Most of the time, these items are lost permanently, damaged, or cause an accident. We will take photos on the ride for you, so please don't take the risk! Leave these items in the car or at home. Anything that flips, flaps, jingles, jangles, or distracts you should be left behind.. and if you don't have both hands on the reins, you're not in control! Don't bring your big fancy cameras, selfie sticks, or cell phones in the hopes of playing photographer: safety first!

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