Spring Valley Farms' Horse Sales

We have several really nice horses available for purchase year-round on account of our continuous rescue efforts. Not all of the horses that are for sale are rescue horses and not all of them are listed here. Sometimes, we take in large groups of horses as rescues: we rehabilitate, re-train, and either use them in our trail program or find them excellent new homes. The horses posted below are just a small sample of what we have available.

There are horses at the farm to accommodate all budgets and needs! Just contact us for information. When you contact us to inquire about horses for sale, one of the first things we will ask you is what your budget is: please keep in mind that this is only our way of trying to be flexible to accommodate your requests. If you have a maximum spending budget of $2,500, I may show you a horse that I have priced at $3,000 because I am willing to take $2,500 for it.. We have horses priced from $300 to $10,000: if your budget is $1,500, I do not want to waste your time showing you a $5,000 horse. We are typically open to offers, trades, and partial trades.

For any of our horses, we allow payments with a deposit.

Currently, we have several horses for sale. Pictures and descriptions will be updated as soon as possible.

Horses and Ponies For Sale:: Contact 540-309-6884


All of our companion horses have had the appropriate rehab and are now comfortable pasture pets. They are low maintenance guys and are just looking for somewhere to be a paddock ornament! All companions come with a $300 adoption fee.